Micro Follicle Hair Transplant

Micro Follicle Hair Transplant utilizes the latest medical techniques to achieve refined results from harvesting the individual follicular units from the donor area to the placement of the hair in the recipient area. Over time the newly placed hair will grow and look perfectly natural.

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MFT is performed under local anesthesia, has no discomfort, even when large sessions are performed. There is no need for stitches and recovery time, allowing the individual to resume their normal lifestyle with in a couple of days

Micro Follicle Hair Transplant is not just about getting the lost hair back; it’s not only about the number of grafts or follicles. It is about how to restore the complete face value of a person and to get your confidence back. It is an art of combining the knowledge of the facial proportions, hair and scalp anatomy, the skills of the surgeon’s hands and eyes to the finest details. It is truly “The Fine Art of Hair Transplant”.


The hair follicular units are extracted one by one from the donor area by using the most advanced semi-automated next-generation instruments with a diameter of 0.7mm to 1mm.In India, it’s a common practice that 90% of the hair transplant procedure is performed by the assistance of the Surgeon those who are not qualified to perform any medical procedure. When it comes to MFT we make sure that the complete procedure is performed by a well-qualified surgeon who has several years of experience in performing aesthetic hair transplant.


Now the extracted hair follicles are implanted directly using the most modern next generation instruments, MFT implanter. The implanter will help the Surgeon to plant the follicles directly onto the skin without any pre insertions like how it’s performed in FUT and FUE. Therefore the procedure can be completed within 1/3rd of the time which is taken in the conventional methods. This implanter will enable the Surgeon to have a complete control of the angle, depth and direction of the follicle to gain complete natural results with a maximum density.

Micro Follicle Hair Transplant Technique is the most advanced hair implant technology to deliver 100% natural results. The procedure is performed by a hair transplant surgeon following international medical standards to ensure the best result for every single person.
Unlike other hair transplantation methods MFT does not leave traits of scalpels, reception incisions, stitches or scalpels. With MFT method the hair follicles are extracted and implanted one by one to the balding area with specially designed implanters. Each follicle is placed in a specific depth, angle and direction to complement the natural growth of the hairline, facial features, density giving him/her a completely natural result.
Micro Follicle Transplant is a half day procedure. The person can leave the clinic the same day after the procedure. The hair will start growing after 2-3 months and the complete results can be visible within 8-10 months. The implanted hair will keep growing throughout the lifetime of a person.

Results after 6 months

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Micro Follicle Hair Transplant Clinic is established and proved as one of the most trusted hair restoration clinics in India providing hair loss treatments for any type of hair loss with centers in Kochi and Kottayam. With our unique combination of breakthrough technologies and expert Hair Transplant Surgeons, we are continuously improving to ensure the best and the most advanced hair treatments, while also providing outstanding services to our existing and future clients.
Micro Follicle Hair Transplant Clinic is considered to be one of the best clinic across the India, having performed different procedures on more than 3000 people across India.
Over the last years; we’ve pioneered the aesthetic methodologies of hair retention and restoration for both men and women by implementing the most advanced hair treatment technologies. With our unique and advanced procedures for hair restoration and regrowth, we provide a complete solution for hair thinning, hair loss and baldness treatment to men and womenin any stage of hair loss regardless of the age. We have successfully treated and given complete results for countless types of hair loss conditions as we understand the causes of hair loss and the appropriate solutions. .

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