Who we are

Micro Follicle Hair Transplant Clinic is established and proved as one of the most trusted hair restoration clinics in India providing hair loss treatments for any type of hair loss with centers in Kochi and Kottayam. With our unique combination of breakthrough technologies and expert Hair Transplant Surgeons, we are continuously improving to ensure the best and the most advanced hair treatments, while also providing outstanding services to our existing and future clients.
Micro Follicle Hair Transplant Clinic, is considered to be one of the best clinic across the India, having performed different procedures on more than 3000 people across India.
Over the last years; we’ve pioneered the aesthetic methodologies of hair retention and restoration for both men and women by implementing the most advanced hair treatment technologies. With our unique and advanced procedures for hair restoration and regrowth, we provide a complete solution for hair thinning, hair loss and baldness treatment to men and women in any stage of hair loss regardless of the age. We have successfully treated and given complete results for countless types of hair loss conditions as we understand the causes of hair loss and the appropriate solutions. .