Best Hair Transplant in Kerala

Best Hair Transplant in Kerala

In our society we either choose to go with economical things or with brands. Hair Transplant procedure is not something which you can choose to go with the cheapest option. Because it’s once a lifetime procedure and if you do a wrong choice you will end up regretting for the rest of your life.

There are many clinics in India who perform hair transplant surgeries with non-allopathic doctors and even technicians who are not qualified and certified to perform a surgery. They perform a hair transplant surgery without proper training. And once your results are hampered and donor area is damaged then you will not have a possibility to undergo another session.

Choosing a big brand is alright to undergo the procedure but don’t just blindly spend money on a big brand rather try to understand who’s the surgeon performing the procedure on your scalp. You always have to pay higher when it comes to a big brand but when you consider this procedure as once a lifetime then it’s worth spending on the most advanced technology and the best Surgeon.

There are doctors and clinics in India who still perform the outdated methodologies to perform a hair transplant. Choose to do the most advanced and proven technology for doing your hair transplant with the right Surgeons.

When you go for wig, hair system, hair bonding, hair patch, hair fixing, hair weaving etc. you always have a price range of Rs.5, 000 to Rs.1, 00,000.As you know the longevity of wigs are on an average of 1 year you have to keep changing it. So even if you go for the cheapest wig right now you can upgrade it to a higher quality next time. But in hair transplant you will never have an option to redo it again. Once it is done then you can’t change it.

Hence the major criteria for you to choose where to do your hair transplant should be the most experienced Surgeon rather than going with the brand name of the cheapest options.