Hair Transplant – Things to Consider

As a customer, when you go for shopping you will realise that there is a wide range of products available at different price ranges according to the quality. Same is applicable to hair transplant as well. The best result of hair transplant depends on 3 major factors

  1. Best Surgeon
  2. Latest technology and next generation instruments
  3. Quality and quantity of the donor hair

Usually, people get misguided by cheapest option and end up getting poor hair transplant results and spoil their donor area which limits their chances of correcting it in future.

Hence, it’s very important for a person to choose the right hair transplant centre where the most expert surgeon performs the procedure with the most advanced technology.

What’s the cost of hair transplant?

When you decide to do hair transplant, the first question that comes in your mind is the cost factor. Of course, cost plays a very important role in deciding any kind of such procedures. Many commit the mistake of running behind the cheapest options of hair transplant without knowing differentmethods of hair transplant and also without checking who’s doing the procedure.

Once in a life time procedure

Hair or beard transplant is like how you build a new house. When you buid a new house you always calculate it for at least 2-3 generations. Similarly, hair transplant or beard and moustache transplant is once a life time procedure. And if you mess it up with inexperienced doctors you will regret for the rest of your life. It is always advisable for a person to choose the best doctor and method even if it’s slightly costlier than the inexperienced doctors and outdated techniques.

Number of follicles/grafts

People always get confused with numbers of follicles/grafts. Graft is a cluster of follicles where it may come with single, doubleor even sometimes triplets. Butit may not be the case always.Some clinics misguide their clients saying that one graft contains 3 hairs which is not the truth. In old and outdated hair transplantation methods like FUT and FUE, when performed by inexperienced doctors they end up planting a maximum of 2000 change follicles, whereasexperienced surgeons with next generation instruments can perform up to 12,000 follicles in one day provided the donor area is supportive. Mostly inexperienced doctors will take more than two days to plant 2-4k follicles whereas experts will complete the session in hours. It’s better to finish the session in a day in which the client will gain maximum survival ratio of the follicles.

Advantages of Micro Follicle Hair Transplant

  1. Most celebrated Surgeon on the panel
  2. The most advanced hair transplant technology in the world
  3. State of the art infrastructure
  4. Most comfortable amenities

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