Best Hair Transplant in Kerala

Best Hair Transplant in Kerala

Any physician can perform a hair transplant, but not all will perform it well and deliver you the best natural looking results.  It is very important to research and understand an individual surgeon’s qualifications before you decide to go ahead with the procedure.  One major factor to consider and to ask your surgeon about would be his level of training and qualification in hair restoration.  Many doctors performing hair transplant decide to purchase a machine from a salesperson and have little or no training or education on the topic before they begin performing the hair transplant procedure.  They also may be versed only in one method of hair transplantation (the machine that they purchased).

Some of the best doctors in the hair transplant industry have many years, or even decades of experience. The doctor should be comfortable telling you about his experience performing hair transplant surgery as well as show you plenty of before and after pictures of his clients.

A well experienced transplant team is needed to perform large hair transplant sessions.  In some clinics and centres, the Doctor is not very involved in the process due to a lack of knowledge or training.  In every hair transplant, the surgeon should be personally responsible for the hairline design, donor area demarcation and preparation, injecting local anaesthesia, overseeing any oral or IV sedation, harvesting the grafts, and creating the recipient sites.

I recommend that patients seek out a well-qualified and trained hair restoration surgeon.  These surgeons should be well-versed in all aspects of hair restoration, including multiple surgical techniques, medical management, post-procedural care, potential complications and pitfalls, and other adjunctive treatment options.

Unlike almost any other cosmetic procedure, an excellent hair transplant requires an excellent artistic mind and an extreme cosmetic surgery knowledge and expertise to offer the best hair transplant results. Any Doctor can perform a hair transplant, but not all will perform it well. It is important to research an individual surgeon’s qualifications. One important factor to consider and to ask your surgeon about would be their level of training in the hair restoration.

Knowing as much about safety regarding when to transplant and when not to be very important. A hair transplant Surgeon believes that good judgment must involve both understanding the medical aspects of hair loss (types of hair loss and medical conditions that you can’t operate on) as well as surgical expertise (artistic and technical skills).

When talking with different clinics, look at the doctor’s experience, make sure you look at before and after pictures, talk with actual patients and find out about the experience of the Surgeons as well as their feedback towards their past patient’s plays.